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JPincus_EHuntingtonPhoenix Comprehensive Care Group is a cross-disciplinary clinic that specializes in the treatment of speech, language and psychiatric disorders. The clinic is headed by Joan B. Pincus, MD and Erin Huntington, MA, CCC-SLP who have extensive experience collaborating within their respective disciplines.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide highly personalized care delivered in a caring, committed, and comprehensive manner in order to help each client reach his/her potential. We aim to provide timely and readily accessible treatment and to use an inclusive approach, coordinating with families, schools and allied professionals, in the delivery of therapy. We believe that coordinated care makes for the best care.


JPincus(2)Joan B. Pincus, MD

Joan B. Pincus, MD is a Florida licensed, Board Certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with specialized training in child and adolescent psychiatry. Dr. Pincus graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University and then attended medical school at Cornell University Medical Center. She completed her internship, general psychiatry residency and child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at The New York Hospital-Payne Whitney Clinic in Manhattan. She worked as an attending psychiatrist at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC where she supervised residents and fellows in the outpatient and emergency departments and served as a member of the multidisciplinary Feeding Disorders Team.

In Gainesville, before starting a private practice, Dr. Pincus worked as part of a multidisciplinary team for 10 years, collaborating closely with Erin Huntington in the treatment of children with language-based learning disorders who also have anxiety, attention, mood, developmental, and other behavioral concerns. Dr. Pincus has experience treating preschool, elementary, adolescent and young adult clients with attention, anxiety, unipolar and bipolar disorders, autism-spectrum and other developmental disorders, as well as psychotic disorders. She also has experience in attending school meetings for input in the development of behavior plans, 504 plans, and IEP’s.

Erin Huntington, M.A., CCC-SLP


Erin Huntington is a Florida-licensed speech language pathologist specializing in the treatment of language disorders and language-based learning disabilities. Erin completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Florida and graduated with a degree in speech-language pathology. She has extensive training in the field of early language development, expressive and receptive language disorders, and learning disabilities including the assessment and treatment of phonological processing, reading, spelling, and writing deficits. She is certified in the It Takes Two to Talk(R) – The Hanen Program(R) for Parents of Children with Language Delays and has experience implementing this program with parents in Gainesville, FL.

Prior to starting a private practice, Erin worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team for more than six years, collaborating with other disciplines in the assessment and treatment of children with learning disabilities. Due to her collaboration with Dr. Joan B. Pincus, Erin also has experience recognizing the signs and symptoms of ADHD and works closely with Dr. Pincus to help optimize each client’s ability to maintain an optimal level of attention as it relates to developing new skills. Erin also has experience attending IEP meetings and working with school professionals and family members to help her students generalize their language skills to their schoolwork so they may perform to their potential in both academic and home settings.

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