“I was scared at first to learn that my daughter had a significant language impairment.  I am so happy that someone recommended Erin Huntington to me to work with my daughter.  My daughter has been doing LiPS therapy with Erin for several months now and I can see why she was recommended.  I can see such improvement in my daughter every week!

I am very impressed by the breadth of Erin’s knowledge.  But it’s not that knowledge alone that makes her, in my opinion, a truly outstanding speech pathologist.  What makes her the best is her ability to combine that knowledge with good methods of delivery to the student.  She keeps my daughter on task. She takes time to answer all my questions. I love that she tries to understand the total needs of the child and family she is working with so the therapy can be as effective as possible.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

Teresa - a very satisfied client”

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“Our daughter has never liked school and absolutely hates homework.  Each year she would get farther behind despite numerous hours of tutoring, bribery, threats and punishment.  We knew she was a very bright child, but could not understand the lack of desire to participate in learning.  Eventually, we noticed her self confidence was extremely low and she was withdrawing from friends.  Something had to be done.  Testing identified her as dyslexic which helped explain the learning difficulties.  But, by this time, the problem went beyond whether she could learn to read.  The question was whether she could feel good about herself again and appreciate her own worth. In that regard, we are so fortunate to have had Dr. Pincus begin working with our daughter as a part of a program to address anxiety issues as well as the learning disorder.  Our daughter was immediately drawn to Dr. Pincus’ calm and relaxed approach, and from the start, looked forward to their meetings each week.  Dr. Pincus not only understood the nature of our daughter’s struggles, but implemented therapy with just the right touch of patience, caring, and firmness. If one approach didn’t work, then Dr. Pincus had the flexibility and depth of knowledge/experience to try something else.  And, through Dr. Pincus’ update discussions with us, we have more coping skills and feel better prepared as parents to help our daughter continue to grow and learn.  We strongly recommend Dr. Pincus to anyone in a situation like ours. We only wish we had found her sooner.


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“Bekah has made huge growth with tutoring from Erin. Her confidence has increased and she Is successfully reading and spelling  at grade level. I would highly recommend Erin and this program to any parent that has a child struggling with reading and spelling.”

-Anonymous Client

[used with permission, name removed in accordance with privacy policies]


“Erin is a caring, thoughtful and gifted therapist who tailors her treatment to the individual child.  I particularly appreciated the customized behavior sheets that she designed for my son to help him stay focused on his goals and keep him motivated throughout the sessions. He was always so proud of himself when he reached his daily goal! During the few sessions when he didn’t meet his goal, he seemed to redouble his efforts during the next session to perform better than ever.  I was also impressed at how well Erin is able to tune in to my son’s attention and energy levels and help him to monitor and address these areas with activity breaks. Of course, these motivational techniques were all in addition to the excellent language therapy, which has made a remarkable difference in my son’s ability to express himself both verbally and in writing in a short period of time.  Thank you, Erin, for being such a dedicated and skilled language therapist!

T.W., mother of a 9-year-old client”

[used with permission, full name removed in accordance with privacy policies]

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